True Messiah Character Art

True Messiah Real-time Figures

David mann beauty rt

The Four Messiahs

David mann black rt

Black Messiah

David mann black sculpt

Black Messiah Sculpt

David mann red rt

Red Messiah

David mann red sculpt

Red Messiah Sculpt

David mann violet rt

Violet Messiah

David mann violet sculpt

Violet Messiah Sculpt

David mann white rt

White Messiah

David mann white sculpt

White Messiah Sculpt

True Messiah Character Art

I had the honor of modeling the tabletop miniatures for Sinister Design's True Messiah board game.

More on the game here:

It's a really cool 4-player board game all about deck building and resource management, set in a dystopian future where players battle to determine who is truly a god among men.

I was also commissioned to develop the figures for a real-time mobile app.

My first foray into 3D printing as well as the PBR workflow in Substance Painter! I learned a ton from this project, and can't wait to put these skills to use on future projects.